Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Womb with a view

So the OCD in me is starting to peek through...we moved our room around on Tuesday to make room for the bassinet (eeeeeeek!) and then last night when we were about to take our weekly photo we realised that the photo wouldn't be as easy to Channy has to stand between the doors of the ensuite & walk in robe, and let me just say that the bump is almost as wide as the little part of the wall ;-)
But this also means that for some reason the pic is coming out less sharp :-( which means it isn't the same as the others, and not being the same kind of erks me lmao

4 weeks to go! OMG, how did that happen?

Be kind to yourself and love those around you just a little bit more than you did yesterday
Bel xx

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