Monday, 21 April 2014

She know's ALL!

We went to visit my 80year old Nana today, and Channy made me laugh when we were getting ready this morning...she was looking for baggy the hope that the belly would be inconspicuous! But my Nana being my Nana, knows all! Nothing was said the entire 3 hours we were there about the baby, not even the kids mentioned it, then as we were leaving, she asked Channy "so when's this one coming out?"!!!! The colour of Channy's face can only be likened to a tomato as she blushed away and said "4 weeks". That's the first time she has really made me stop & think, holy shit, there's a baby coming REALLY SOON! How did that happen? 8-/
I had mentioned to Channy early on in the pregnancy that regardless of whether or not we told Nana about the impending baby, she would know! The town she lives in is the town I grew up in, and it's a small country town in every sense of the phrase, in that everyone knows what everyone else is up to before they are actually up to it! So of course Nana knew about the baby! 
To be honest, it is somewhat of a relief! I know she will be excited when he comes, she does love little babies! 
We also went out and visited my dad's grave on the way home. I really wish we were closer so I could go more often. I really wonder what he would be thinking about the whole baby situation...he was a very straight down the line man, so I imagine he would be like Nana...don't talk about it and it's not a problem lol. I do miss him so very much :-( and really wish he was here to see his grand babies, all 4 of them. Going out there today kind of made me want to give the baby his middle name, but we are already set on a name, and Connor & I already have his name, so think it was just my emotions getting the better of me. 

Be kind to yourself and love those around you just a little bit more than you did yesterday

Bel xx

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