Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Talk about parallel universe!

So I stumbled across a FB page on Tuesday about a beautiful couple embarking on the journey of becoming mums, and reading through it all and watching their VLOGs I swear they are Channy & I 12 months ago! They live in Victoria, which is about the only place we differ, and they had experienced the loss of a bubba, and have just now discovered they are expecting again! Sooo much of what they write could have been written by Channy & I, it is just too much lol
It's almost as if I can go back and read their posts and relive what we were doing this time last year! Which is kind of nice, because it makes me remember things that I had probably forgotten what with all the excitement and focus that is on our little bubba now! 
If you want to take a look, head over here 2 Baby Mamas

In other news, Channy has been having some pretty intense cramping since yesterday, which is most likely pre-labour pains, which are a great thing! Not really ready for him to arrive just yet (well, physically & practically we are, have been for months now) but I think at least a couple more weeks of cooking would be ideal for him health & strength wise :-) 

We had a little chat last night about the possibility of him arriving on ANZAC Day (tomorrow) and whether we would include Zac in his name to honor our fallen ANZACs, but he already has 4 names, so to add another to the mix would just me asking for him to not be able to say or write his name properly until he hits puberty lol. 

It's starting to get a wee bit chilly here in the mornings, and anyone that knows me knows I HATE winter! But this year I'm actually really looking forward to it! The only reason being, that I had told myself months ago that the start of the cooler months means that we are getting so close to bringing baby into the world, so I can tolerate the chill purely for that :-)

Be kind to yourself and love those around you just a little bit more than you did yesterday
Bel xx

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