Monday, 28 April 2014

It's GO Time!

So I'm not going to publish this until the little man is here, but OMG we are having a baby! Well of course we are, but we are actually going to have a baby at most in the next few days!
At 10:45pm on 28th April, Channy got up to blow her nose and her waters broke!!!!!!!! Now they broke before she blew her nose, so no, it wasn't the nose blowing that broke it lol.
So we both just kinda looked at each other and paused for a moment to decide what to do lol
Then Channy called the hospital and they said to go on in to be checked and monitored. So next call was to Channy's sister who was on standby to look after the kids...which of course we have because their father has chosen now to go on an extended holiday!
Anyway, we called...and called...and called some more, but like most people do at night, her phone was on silent. So we called our dear friend Erin to come over til Channy's sister could get here (she's about 20 minutes away) and after Erin realised that we were serious, she came over, still kind of asleep and expected to see Channy panting on the ground naked lmao!
So anyway, we finally get ahold of Channy's sister (17 calls later lol) and we head to the hospital. By this stage Channy is having a few contractions, but nothing serious, just little cramps really.
So we get to the hospital and they check her out, and yep, her waters have definitely broken. They hook her up to the CTG and she's having mild contractions, which is a good start. So then a really lovely doctor comes in to have a chat, and was great at explaining everything, then says she wants to do an internal.
So she does her bit, wand says that we are only 1cm dilated, which is 1 cm closer to meeting our baby!
So our options are to hang around and wait, or go home and get some we opt to go home. I asked Channy if she wants anything to eat on the way home, and she said no. Then when we were just about home she says, 'I could probably go a cheeseburger'. So what else does one do when In labour but go through Maccas drive thru ,
So now we are home...but not resting...too excited and timing contractions, which at this point are about 8 minutes now we wait!

So it's now 10:43, and we are still more or no less regular we still wait. Heading off for a walk soon. We have to head back up to the hospital at 3:30 this afternoon. Hopefully more happens by then! 

Update: it's now 12:56 and this feels like the longest day of my life lol! We all went for a walk at about 11 to see if that kicked things along...she had all of 1 contraction while walking pffffft! So we come home and decide to have a rest. Lie down and about 5 minutes later they hit! 3 1/2 minutes apart! At the moment she is napping and they have slowed to about 7-8 minutes apart. Part of me wants to make her move to get things going, but part of me wants to let her rest! She is worried at the moment that if we go to the hospital, they will stop or tell her to go back home, which I understand completely! Nothing worse than thinking you are getting somewhere and you aren' more waiting for now.

So it's now 8:40pm on Tuesday. We have been up at the hospital since about 4pm, at which time not too much was going on...contractions here & there but nothing stable/regular/shout worthy! So the decision was made to start an IV of cintocinon which was started at 6:30pm. It only made it to 4 mls before contractions became pretty intense! They are about every 3-4 minutes apart at the moment and enough to render a f*^k or two 😉 
At this point Channy is coping great with the pain, although I don't think she feels the same way! 
Love this girl to bits!
Next stop is doctor to do an internal at about 10:30, so the hour forty five countdown is on! I'm hoping for about 5cms! 

Well well well...that all got away from me lol! It's now 7:59am on Thursday May first! And our boy has been here for 23 hours and 54 minutes! That's right! Luca Paul joined our family at 8:05am on Wednesday 30th April! Not even the month he was supposed to be born!
Tuesday & Wednesday were very full on, and he ended up entering the the world via emergency c-section. Although he was teensy tiny, poor Channy has a pelvic arch that is even smaller, and there is no way he would have fit! But he is here, and he is perfect and I simply cannot believe it! 
I don't have time at the moment to finish off the birth journey, but I want to do it very soon while it is still fresh. But for now I will end with the perfection that is our son!

Luca Paul Kanofski-Tenuyl
Wednesday 30/04/2014
5lb 9oz

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