Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day of reflection

A day of reflection, respect and rememberence. ANZAC Day has always been a day that has touched me, and I'm always moved to tears at the Dawn Service. This year I took both my daughters with me, it being the first one Ayla has attended. Rhiannon has been to quite a few, but she has always been a child who is capable of being quiet and appreciating things that most adults can't. Ayla on the other hand, is the kind of child that can't keep quiet even if her life depended on it! But this morning she made me one proud mamma! Sitting quietly, taking everything in and saving her questions and observations for the walk back to the car <3
I thought that I would come home and snuggle back into the warmth of my bed and have a bit more sleep, but I'm the kind of person that once I'm awake, I'm up! So home for another coffee with my girl, who stayed tucked up in bed so we didn't have to take Connor (for those not aware, Connor has autism, and struggles big time with waiting and sitting still). I would have liked to take Connor to see how he went because his teacher wrote in his communication book yesterday that he sat beautifully through the service at school, and he was most excited to tell me he heard the "ANZAC song", but I really don't think that is the kind of place to test his patience. Perhaps next year.

So now today we are going to do the final finishing touches to the nursery, put the car seat in the car & just generally have a quiet relaxing day :-) love having days off with my family <3

Lest We Forget

Be kind to yourself and love those around you just a little bit more than you did yesterday
Bel xx

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