Thursday, 12 June 2014


Well, life kind of got in the way of blogging! Actually, more the need for sleep lol. Luca, you had been going oh so well at this sleeping thing, and just when we thought you were approaching the first sleep through the night, BANG you had the most unsettled night of all! 3 nights ago, you decided it was party time at 1am. Not cool son, not cool! Well the 1am thing wasn't so bad, more the fact that you dragged it out til 4am, ended up super over tired and super cranky! This mumma ended up taking over, as your other mumma was beside herself because she couldn't settle you. So I wrangled you into a straight jacket hold and patted your butt for all it was worth, and eventually you gave in! That was on Tuesday night...followed by a 12 hour day for me at work! By the end of the night, I was SHAGGED! Lucky you are so damn cute kiddo! 
So what else has happened? Well, you hit 6 weeks old on Wednesday, which was when other mumma's check up at the doctors was, but with my lack of sleep, I just let her sleep in and completely forgot about it, until it woke her up & she reminded me...oops. So that's been rescheduled for today.
Speaking of "other mumma" we still haven't decided what you will call us both...but I guess there is plenty of time yet right lol. 
You are still a pretty chunky baby, and we are thinking possibly reflux, but you aren't in pain, so we are persisting with it! All,the while being armed with a spew rag at any given moment! 
We have also discovered that you are tongue tied, which may explain your lack of latching at times, but we will talk to the doctor about options at your 8 week check. 
You are such a smiley baby now! The kind of smile that just melts my heart every time. The big wide open mouth smile, like you just realised that you can do it 😄 
We've had a few goo's & gaa's too which is simply adorable! 
You are slowly starting to fit into some of the clothes we bought for you while you were cooking, but still mostly in clothes that we had bought you after you were born...but out of the preemie ones, so starting to look more like a little man!
Your eyes are constantly changing, green, brown...think you might be like mumma and not have a set colour. Hers change all the time, and sometimes she has one green and one blue! 
You are almost bald, which is so cute! The majority of you hair has fallen out on top, which means you are likely to have a killer mullet by the time your first birthday rolls around! Still no sign of curls yet, but we'll see! 
We had some gorgeous photos done for us a couple of weeks ago, and in the words of the photographer, you were a rock star! Can't wait to get the whole package of them! The sneak peek was just too much of a teaser! 
Generally you are a very content baby, especially when you are up at the salon! Many of our clients don't even realise you are there, you are so good ☺️ Proud mummy moment right there!

Anyway son, I need to go and get ready for work & drop the kid lets off at school!

I love you two times...always & forever! 

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