Monday, 19 May 2014

Letter to Luca

Well Tiny Guy, today is the day you were supposed to make your way into this world...instead, you are 2 weeks & 6 days old! You are such a relaxed baby! Well, you weren't last night, but if it was a one off, I'll let it slide, just this once! Think it may have something to do with the coffee mum had yesterday afternoon. Hoping that it was the coffee lol.
Yesterday you were weighed at the chemist, and you have gained a whopping 600 grams since birth! You have hit the 3kg mark (6lb9oz). You are still a fairly chunky bub, and yesterday was probably the worst you've been so far, so thinking perhaps mum drinking cows milk doesn't agree with you! 
We got a new hot water system yesterday (finally no more boiling the jug for yours or the kids baths!) so mum & I had to go to Aunty Erin & Uncle Craig's for a shower as the new system hadn't kicked in yet. That was the first time mum had been away from you! She did pretty good! She was gone for almost an hour! She said it felt really strange! On the flip side, you & I got to spend some time together :-)
You had a good little snooze, then a bath, which you now LOVE, but HATE getting out of. You screamed the house down! I'm surprised you didn't wake the other kids up! Then I gave you a bottle of mumma's milk, which I love doing! I feel kind of left out when it comes to the nourishment side of raising you! But I, so proud of mum for what she has been able to achieve when it comes to feeding! She's a trooper, that's for sure. Hopefully you let her get some rest today, because she doesn't do too well with lack of sleep. 
On Sunday we all went on your very first shopping trip, and bought you some new clothes that we thought would fit, but are still a bit big. Plenty of growing room though. 
I think winter has well & truly hit, and I think you like it as much as me...not at all! 
Tomorrow the kids got to their fathers house for a few days, which will be nice to just chill with you & mum for the first time since you were born. Long story short, their father decided he needed to take a holiday so they have been here for longer than normal, which was great that they were here when you were born and have had more time than they would have to get to know you, but they are going to be so out of whack when they come back! They always are, and this time is sure to be worse :-( We will try and make it as easy on everyone as possible, so just hang in there buddy!
Mum is healing well from your birth, and all her stitches are gone now. She has come up to the salon with you a few times and you just sleep pretty much! Everyone who has met you is so in love with you, which makes mum & I so proud :-) we did a good job growing you :-) 
I don't think your first real smile is too far off Tiny Guy! You are such an inquisitive little man! Taking everything in during your awake times. You love love love to be snuggled, and you still love to be swaddled nice & tight. 
We both think that your eyes are going to turn brown. They are so big and dark, but we could be wrong. They will either be brown or green, or perhaps like mum's and change between green and blue.
You are getting 2 very special visitors on Friday - Aunty Tracey and her beautiful little (well not so little anymore) girl Renai. They have to come down to the Royal Children's Hospital for Renai. I can't wait to see her reaction to you! And I know Aunty Tracey can't wait to cuddle you! I think she wants to take you home with her, but that's not going to happen ;-) 
Anyway, Tiny Guy, I have to get the girls to school, and go to work myself. You be good for mummy today and let her get some sleep.
I love you more than life itself Tiny

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