Tuesday, 6 May 2014

One week on!

WOW! I can't believe it has been a whole week since the whirlwind that was welcoming Luca! This time a week ago channy was being stitched up and I was in complete awe if what she had just done and the tiny guy that was in my arms!
And life since has been a dream! He's an amazingly calm baby, who sleeps even better! He only wakes for 2 night feeds, around midnight & 5! I know right! A trooper! 
He had his home midwife visit on Monday, and we were lucky enough that it was Jillian, the midwife that spent 15 hours with us last week! He passed everything with flying colours, and he was just 10g off his birth weight (2510) which is FANTASTIC! Channy is a machine!
Tuesday Channy ventured out with Luca for the first time, as he had a doctors appointment. We have a small practice in the centre where the salon is, so she came up to work with me and just hung around for the morning. Luca was a dream while there! He slept the entire time 😃 
He apparently pee'd all over the doctor, which is his favourite thing to do -nappy off means open shot for this kid lol.
We also went to visit Kenny on Tuesday afternoon, who is our tattooist. That would have to be the hardest thing for Channy to do the whole pregnancy - not get a tattoo! So we went to show him Luca, which only made Luca look even smaller, because Kenny is a BIG guy! Now this whole experience has left me a bit miffed...not the visiting of Kenny bit, but the fact that Channy booked in to get Luca's name tattooed on her, seems to be open for public opinion! So she posted on Facebook that she is booked in for the 2nd of June, and within a matter of seconds, people thought it their right to comment that if she is breasfeeding, she shouldn't do it! Last I checked, Channy & I were Luca's parents! Not anybody else! There is this modern day thing called expressing breast milk, that mothers sometimes do, and that is the intention when it comes to getting tattooed! Not that it is anyone's business, but I can assure you that if Kenny had have said that it was not safe while breasfeeding, then she would wait forever! NOTHING is more important to her than that little guy, and she isn't about to put him in harms way for something as minor as a new tattoo! This was Channy's first experience of public opinion when it comes to parenting. Not my first, and probably not either of our last! But all the same, when did it become ok to judge, criticise and ridicule somebody else's parenting choices? I certainly wouldn't do it, so don't expect to be on the other end of it. 
I am still in complete disbelief that he is actually here, and cannot believe how content and calm he is! Looking back on my own first baby and he was a ball or tense, screaming, cranky flesh! I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Channy is so calm as well though.
The other exciting thing that happened today was his cord fell off! And he has the cutest little belly button! I love the anticipation of waiting for it to fall off to see what it looks like underneath! There is simply nothing cuter than a baby belly button ❤️
I am absolutely hating having to go to work and leave two of my favourite people behind, but I know I have to do it 😔 so the deal is Channy has to send me a buzillion photos to keep me going! And this was one of today's photos...which had me in stitches! This is one of Ayla's toy babies that is just a regular size doll, and at 1 week old he is still smaller than it! Bless.

Be kind to yourself and love those around you just a little bit more than you did yesterday
Bel xx

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