Sunday, 2 November 2014

1/2 a year already!

Well, our tiny guy has reached the 1/2 way mark to his first birthday! I simply cannot believe it! How the hell did that happen? 
He is simply the cutest baby (naturally) that ever graced this earth! He is such a content happy bubba! 
And naturally he is "advanced" bahahahahaha...well he is in some areas! He's the laziest baby going around! Won't roll, unless he feels like it and isn't even close to looking like he will crawl in this millennium...but he sits! Yep, he'll sit unaided, but once he's had enough, bang, he throws himself backwards or face plants and cracks it! But if I were a baby with 5 other people bowing to my every whim, I sure as hell wouldn't be moving very far either! So that brings me to the "advanced" comment...he's SMART! He is clever beyond his months! He started saying Mumma at 5 1/2 months! I know what you are thinking, not possible...and we thought the same...a baby that young can't possibly do it! We thought we were hearing things. Willing it to be true...but it WAS! Then it started to get clearer after a few days...then he ripped out bubba...WHOA slow down kiddo, you aren't quite 6 months old and you have two words! WTF? 
THEN he let nana slip a few times a week later. Now we get the following, generally as a babble like he's telling us a reeeeeeeally important story. It goes so,etching like his "mummummummuma, bubububub, mummummummuma, da, nan, bubububub, dadada, bum." Yep, you read right...BUM! Much to Ayla's (my 7 year old) disgust. At which she pipes up, no Luca, you don't say bum, that's rude, you say bottom! Bless her, she's so cute! 
So we have an advanced baby ;-) 
More likely it has to do with the fact that he is constantly surrounded by people, whether it be us, the kids or clients, and between all of us, he hears CONSTANT the poor kid has already figured out that if he is to get a word in edgewise, he's gonna have to speak up, and soon! And that he does! 
Adore him beyond belief! 

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