Friday, 10 April 2015

Sweet baby stay!

Oh sweet sweet boy, don't grow up! The world can be a horrible place and I don't ever want you to know that. But to appreciate the beauty in the world you must also see the evil.
Watching you in the dead of the night melts my heart. You fill me with so much joy.  You remind me why I go on each day.
You stirred in your cot about 25 minutes ago and when I walked in you were all scrunched up the wrong end of it trying to crawl...well somewhere. Eyes closed, fists clenched and nose scrunched up. The cutest baby around. But after I picked you up and gave you a reassuring snuggle and kiss and put you back down, I stood and watched. You never cease to amaze me. You are so tiny and you have so much to learn, yet you have learned so much already!
We have managed to get you to fall in love with a toy giraffe named Gordon and you shove him in your face and breathe him in and squeeze the life out of him and chew on his ears and tail. When I put you back in your cot you instantly searched for him. I love that you take comfort in a toy. My other 3 kidlets all did and it was a true saviour at times.
Tonight,  standing watching you watching your Tigger night light, I thought what I often do and wondered what you were thinking. Then as if you read my mind you put your hand over tigger and looked up. You looked up to see if it changed the light on the roof. Then you took your hand off and looked up. You did this a few times, then you put Gordon ontop of the light and looked up and giggled. You are learning cause & effect and it amazes me. As an adult it is easy to take minor things for granted. So when something so small comes across as something so big to such a tiny person it suddenly becomes huge for me too.
You humble me son. You make me see the little things. You make me appreciate what I should be and not what I have been.
Thank you sweet boy. Thank you for choosing us as your parents and giving us the gift of living life from the beginning again.

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